Department of History, Philosophy and Religion

Certificate in Eastern Christian Studies

The Certificate in Eastern Christian Studies is a one year program that aims to introduce the Oriental Orthodox faith in the context of the 21st century. The program covers biblical, dogmatic, liturgical, historical, and practical themes of Orthodox Christianity and how they are relevant to our everyday life. The Program consists of 4 modules that can be studied over the period of two terms. Each module is 3 credit hours and runs for 8 weeks. The courses are delivered entirely online and include reading materials, discussions and assignments.

Master of Theology (M.Th.)

The M.Th. degree will include 18 courses in addition to a Master Thesis of 10,000 words. The program requires attendance of a residential week once per year.

The Courses include:

  • Introduction to Orthodox Christian Theology
  • The Christian Beginnings until 451 A.D.
  • Baptism and Eucharist
  • The Oriental Orthodox Tradition from 451 A.D. to the Modern Day
  • The Pentateuch and the Prophets
  • Sanctification of Life
  • The Greek and the Latin Fathers
  • Literature of the Syriac Fathers
  • The Gospels and Acts
  • Theological Knowledge
  • The Trinity
  • Oriental Orthodox Christology
  • Orthodox Spirituality
  • Orthodox Synthesis and Ministry

Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)

The M.T.S. degree will include 6 modules in addition to a Master Thesis of 14,000 words. The program will be taught (in person) online with a residential week requirement each term.

The modules include:

  • The Christian Doctrine of God and Diversity
  • The Old Testament and Suffering
  • The New Testament and Ethics
  • Liturgical Renewal
  • Faith, Culture and Tradition
  • Christian Philosophy and Scientific Theories
  • The Church and Political Theory
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